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Free Dr. Tom Price!

Andrew Mangione, Congressman Tom Price has been waiting…and waiting…and waiting to be confirmed as Secretary of Health and Human Services. His delay could be on a record setting pace if Senate Democrats have their way. If only these politicians put the same effort into delving into Rep. Price’s legislative history as they have his stock

Obama administration backs plan to relinquish Internet control

The Obama administration is getting behind a plan that would have the U.S. government relinquish its last bit of control over the Internet – a move Republican lawmakers are fighting tooth-and-nail. The transfer was set in motion two years ago when a Commerce Department agency said it would cede oversight over an obscure, but powerful,

Killing the Internet: A Blizzard of New Taxes in the Wings

For years revenue-hungry states and local municipalities have salivated over the prospect of taxing the life out of the internet. Now a move by a small but dedicated minority in Congress may result in the scraping of the Internet Tax Freedom Act and usher in a new era of exorbitant taxation, according to The Wall