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COMING CIVIL WAR – Police Admits its Preparing for War with Gun Owners & Constitutionalists

Elite NWO Agenda  COMING CIVIL WAR – Police Admits its Preparing for War with Gun Owners & Constitutionalists Shocking video provided exclusively shows a Washington state sheriff’s deputy proclaiming that law enforcement officers need armored military vehicles because of “constitutionalists” with firearms. Some Sheriff’s offices “just want to get rid” of “obsolete” vehicles, but they […] Read More →

Sony Prepares for Life After Game Consoles

 As Sony forecasts its sixth loss in seven years and struggles to keep its internal files out of the hands of hackers, its lone bright spot is its gaming division. The company has sold about 15 million PlayStation 4s in the year since its release, regularly outpacing rival Microsoft’s Xbox One in the $44 billion console-gaming industry. […] Read More →

Walter E. Williams: What’s Rule of Law?

 President Obama said just before the recent Ferguson, Missouri, riots, “First and foremost, we are a nation built on the rule of law.” Most Americans have little or no inkling of what “rule of law” means. Many think it means obedience to whatever laws legislatures enact. That’s a vision that has led to human tragedy down […] Read More →

Banning Drinking Won’t Stop Campus Rape

 As the University of Virginia hastens to show that it’s taking its campus rape scandal seriously, administrators have floated a series of dramatic—but possibly dangerous—solutions: student drinking bans. Board members have called on the school to crack down on underage drinking, forbid hard liquor at fraternities, or even eliminate alcohol in fraternities altogether, and university President Teresa Sullivan agrees the school needs to […] Read More →

McDonald’s Enlists Orcs and Elves in Chinese Food Fight

 McDonald’s Corp. (MCD) is enlisting the orcs and elves of the World of Warcraft in its fight to win over Chinese consumers scared away by food safety scandals. To entice younger customers, McDonald’s designed Warcraft-themed outlets and gave away virtual items such as magic turtles tied to the popular online role-playing game, its first cooperation […] Read More →