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Georgetown University

University Gives Kids Juice Boxes, Legos to Deal with Trump Inauguration

Most millennial snowflakes have already evacuated the nation’s capital well in advance of President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. But for those young people were were unable to escape reality, hope is not lost. GUPride, an LGBTQ student organization at Georgetown University, is setting up a safe space to help young people deal with the aftermath of

Trump Looks to RNC for Rapid Response Assist

The presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s staffers huddled with members of the Republican National Committee this week to lay out a communications strategy. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is working with the Republican National Committee to adopt a rapid response communications strategy, a further sign that the presumptive nominee’s campaign and party leaders are joining forces for the general

In Trump Standoff, Ryan Risks Isolation Early in Speakership

Eighteen days after declining to endorse Donald Trump, Paul Ryan is starting to look a bit lonely. That sense of isolation began with the unusual path that Ryan took to becoming speaker of the U.S. House and it’s deepening now as his top Republican lieutenants climb aboard the Trump train. Ryan faces one of the trickier

Trump’s Campaign Upends the Science of Presidential Transition

Donald Trump’s unorthodox campaign is a challenge for people managing the transition to the next president, a process that has been reduced to a near-science in Washington and that in turn will test a candidate known for his throw-out-the-playbook style. A law signed in March requires the White House to start preparing for a new

Ukraine Separatists Hold Ground as U.S. Eyes Sanctions

 Shootouts in eastern Ukraine over the weekend led to calls for more U.S. economic sanctions against Russia, as a diplomatic accord aimed at defusing the crisis showed little sign of taking hold. Ukrainian and Russian officials traded accusations over responsibility for tensions that escalated since last week’s signing of an agreement in Geneva that sought

Rand Paul is right. Social conservatives should embrace libertarianism

 David Harsanyi   These days, to even suggest the possibility that a fiscally conservative economic outlook is compatible with faith is a matter of hypocrisy. “I am afraid that (Rep. Paul) Ryan’s budget reflects the values of his favorite philosopher, Ayn Rand, rather than the gospel of Jesus Christ,” the Rev. Thomas Reese of Georgetown University

Totalitarianism 2.0: America has been seized by an executive dictatorship

History has witnessed almost every kind of dictatorship imaginable, but what Americans are facing in the 21st century is a form of totalitarianism so pernicious that it is able to camouflage its unified agenda behind a veil of contrived partisan politics that tricks people into believing they have choice and freedom, when in reality the