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Paul Manafort’s French Connection

Rachel Marsden, PARIS — The news broke early Monday that Paul Manafort, a longtime Washington establishment figure and Republican political strategist, had been indicted by a grand jury on 12 counts as a result of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into possible Russian interference in last year’s U.S. presidential election. People hear “Russia collusion investigation,”

Rosenstein, Christie temper reports of Mueller grand jury in Russia probe

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and N.J. Gov. Chris Christie on Sunday tempered news reports about special counsel Robert Mueller impaneling another grand jury in his Russia meddling-collusion case, suggesting the move doesn’t mean the investigation is expanding or perhaps an indictment is now imminent. “It doesn’t say anything about the likelihood of indictments,” Rosenstein

The Powerful Influence of Mothers

Kimberly Fletcher, My daughter, Cassie, recently had a visit from a childhood friend. It had been 17 years since they’d seen each other.  After visiting and sharing stories of their lives, Ashley, my daughter’s friend, commented that Cassie had accomplished so much, earning a master’s degree and starting a successful career and she was “just

Planned Parenthood: Anti-abortion activists charged with 15 felonies for secret tapes

Two anti-abortion activists who made undercover videos of themselves trying to buy fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood were charged with 15 felonies, California prosecutors announced Tuesday. State Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced the charges against David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt. Becerra said the two used a fictitious bioresearch company to meet with women’s health care

The gross mismanagement of our nation’s premier law enforcement agency

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano, When Hillary Clinton delivered a campaign post-mortem to her major supporters in a telephone conference call late last week, she blamed her loss in the presidential election on FBI Director James Comey. She should have blamed the loss on herself. Her refusal to safeguard state secrets while she was secretary of

Ex-FBI official: Clintons are a ‘crime family’

Harper Neidig | The Hill,  “It’s like organized crime. I mean the Clinton Foundation is a cesspool” A former FBI official said Sunday that Bill and Hillary Clinton are part of a “crime family” and argued top officials hindered the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server while she was secretary of State. During a

What happened to the FBI? It’s been corrupted by Obama and his team

Judge Andrew P. Napolitano,  When FBI Director James Comey announced on July 5 that the Department of Justice would not seek the indictment of Hillary Clinton for failure to safeguard state secrets related to her email use while she was secretary of state, he both jumped the gun and set in motion a series of

FBI Agents Say Comey ‘Stood In The Way’ Of Clinton Email Investigation

Daily Caller, “This is a textbook case where a grand jury should have been convened, but was not. That is appalling.” FBI agents say the bureau is alarmed over Director James Comey’s decision to not suggest that the Justice Department prosecute Hillary Clinton over her mishandling of classified information.  According to an interview transcript given to

Fixing Elections: How Democrats Win

Susan Stamper Brown, Democrats are counting…on those extra votes from your great-grandfather who crossed into the afterlife in 1970 and the undocumented immigrant who crossed the border last week. Or, maybe even a few canine votes from leftist author Anne Lamott groupies who might take her “Good Dogs for Clinton” social media campaign too literally.

Clinton Scandals: New FBI Notes Uncover More Lies, More Free Passes

Edmund Kozak, Giuliani suggests investigation rigged from the start, designed for the ‘purpose’ of giving immunity. The newest revelation to come out of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server is that President Obama may have lied about knowing of its existence. The batch of documents released Friday night includes Huma Abedin’s April 5,

What is the FBI hiding?

Andrew P. Napolitano, The bureau has conspired to keep Congress in the dark about its Clinton probe. Earlier this week, Republican leaders in both houses of Congress took the FBI to task for its failure to be transparent. In the House, it was apparently necessary to serve a subpoena on an FBI agent to obtain