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The UK High Court’s Invalidation of Brexit Is a Constitutional Crisis in the Making

Young Voices Advocates, Editor’s note: This column was authored by Alex Grass. The UK High Court has struck down Brexit. Such a repudiation of the national will, and of legislation already approved by parliament, has the potential to permanently warp Great Britain’s rule of law. Indeed, it may already have. This controversy, at the core,

Giuliani: ‘I’d be very honored to serve’ in Trump administration

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said Tuesday night that he would be “very honored” to serve in President-elect Donald Trump’s administration and disclosed that the two had discussed what Giuliani’s role would be.  “He’s got a lot of good people around him,” Giuliani said of Trump on Fox News’ “Hannity”. “And I think

How Thomas Jefferson abandoned diplomacy and changed US history

In 1786, Thomas Jefferson, then a minister to the French government of Louis XVI, had a concern more intimidating than anything else he’d faced before: the threat of pirates off the coast of North Africa, a region known as the Barbary Coast. These pirates had already taken over two American ships, the Dauphin and the

Hillary Clinton: From Glass Ceiling to Crass Dealing

Ken Blackwell, The world has seen a number of women as top political leaders. Theresa May is the second female prime minister in Great Britain, after Maggie Thatcher. Angela Merkel is the long-serving chancellor of Germany. Years ago there was Indira Gandhi of India. Now Hillary Clinton is on the cusp of being elected U.S.

Ken Blackwell: What’s Wrong with Honest Elections?

Again state legislatures have approved new rules to prevent election fraud. Again federal courts have struck the laws down. Much of America’s political and legal establishment is resolutely opposed to election integrity. It makes you wonder what they believe democracy is all about. Obviously, there is no excuse for racial discrimination. But protecting elections against

RNC Convention: Speaking Truth to Power

Chris Mills, If I am ever blessed enough to speak truth to power in a venue such as the RNC Convention I would say something like this. Approximately four-hundred years ago, or forefathers, English Separatists, shoved off from the shores of England, shrugging off tyranny and seeking religious freedom. You see, the Monarchy dictated what

Five big numbers to you need to know to understand the wacky world of politics

Jeanne Zaino, Every week we look at the numbers that will define the coming week in politics. This week much of the focus is on the tumultuous events that have come to define the summer of 2016 –events that have begun to remind many Americans of the summer of 1968. Among the events to watch

The Leave Campaign of 1776 Reverberates to This Day

Jeff Jacoby, Great Britain’s vote last month to exit the European Union has been widely described as the country’s most consequential decision in decades. But its significance is paltry compared to that of history’s original “Leave” resolution, the 240th anniversary of which Americans commemorate this Fourth of July. The unanimous vote in the Second Continental Congress,