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Great Depression

Bigger Crash Coming: “Scale of the Final Stage of Collapse Will Be Truly Unprecedented”

Brandon Smith, Editor’s Comment: The system is taking advantage of the public’s naivety, and its false hope in the latest stock bubbles. The truth is that the underlying factors are tipping towards disaster; the real economy is grinding to a halt, and no amount of good news about returning jobs and production can turn

Reflections on 2016, Resolutions for 2017

Sen. David Perdue, In 2016, the American people voted to change the direction of our country. They elected a new president and vice president. They returned Republican majorities to Congress with a two-year probation period to show we can deliver results. This election cycle and its outcome were a loud message to the Washington establishment.

Thanksgiving and America’s health

Dr. Marc Siegel,  Thanksgiving is a time for rejoicing and healing, for celebrating our freedom. It couldn’t come at a better time this year then after such a fractious and polarizing election. But as Melanie Kirkpatrick points out in her new evocative and comprehensive history of the holiday, even Thanksgiving has been a source of controversy

Obama’s Disconnects and Delusions

David Limbaugh, President Obama, in Greece, said world leaders should learn from the U.S. presidential election and pay attention to the public’s fears and frustration about the economy. Why? He never has. How can a man living in such a fantasy world presume to tell other people how to perceive others and react to problems

Anti-Trump Riots and America’s Lost Generation

Susan Stamper Brown, Watching the recent anti-Trump post-victory riots on television and the temper tantrums on social media, it’s become obvious that, without Divine intervention, the ever-fearful Millennial generation will become known as America’s Lost Generation. As someone who has been forced to face a few of her biggest fears against her will, I can

Hillary Can’t Even Tell The Truth About Her Own Economic Plan

Election 2016 : Debate moderator Chris Wallace was widely praised for his performance in Last Weeks Final debate, praise that he richly deserves if for no other reason than that he finally forced Hillary Clinton to defend her economic plan. Clinton’s response was incoherent and downright dishonest. A key exchange in the debate came when Wallace pressed

Banks Warn: Economic Nuclear Winter to Hit World

Kit Daniels, Banksters using Brexit as false flag to avoid responsibility. Central banks are expecting an economic catastrophe to strike the world this winter, and will try to blame Brexit for their wrongdoings which triggered the crisis. Investors are dumping stocks in major European banks in particular, with the Royal Bank of Scotland losing 30%

Is 2016 Redrawing the Political Map?

Michael Barone, Is the political map, so familiar that even non-pundits offhandedly refer to red, blue and purple states, changing before our eyes? Yes, at least to a limited extent — and it’s probably about time. The political map has been pretty static for almost two decades, the longest since the 1880s. In the last

Trump Finally Says It

It has been suggested by some that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is living rent-free inside the heads of both President Barack Obama and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. This is clearly displayed every time either of those two spend more than a moment criticizing, mischaracterizing and smearing Trump, as they seemingly do on a

What’s more important? Political Correctness or the meltdown of the US economy?

Wayne Allyn Root,  Folks, this is a combination of pure fraud, censorship, media manipulation and conspiracy to rig a presidential election. I’ve NEVER seen anything like it in my lifetime. The media hates Donald Trump. They want to destroy him. So they choose to downplay or outright ignore any news that hurts Hillary or Obama…and make

Trump Statement In Response To President Obama’s Failed Leadership

““President Obama has been a failed leader who along with Secretary of State Clinton created a foreign policy that has destabilized the world and made it an unsafe place. He is the one who is unfit to be President and Hillary Clinton is equally unfit. Obama-Clinton have single-handedly destabilized the Middle East, handed Iraq, Libya