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Great Recession

Trump-mania: California Consumer Confidence Hits 9-Year High #MAGA

Joel B. Pollak, As voters, Californians rejected Donald Trump. As consumers, they love him. The Conference Board, which measures consumer confidence, reports that consumers in the Golden State are more confident that they have been since 2007, before the Great Recession. The Orange County Register notes: The Conference Board’s consumer confidence index for California rose in

It Must End: Blurred Lines of Opinion, News and Social Media Profanity

Bryan Crabtree, We have a serious problem with online-harassment, fraud, distortion and lies by media outlets. And, many of our citizens have turned online dialogue and comment threads into pornography. Something has to be done. Fake News. For example, the most popular stories about the presidential election in 2016 were false: Hillary Clinton sold weapons

All of this is our fault and we as a people must ‘fix it’

Bryan Crabtree, Hatred for Trump Exposes an Immature, Emotionally Unstable America. There are far too many people in our nation who are emotionally immature and unstable. Their decisions are based on feelings. They believe their feelings, struggles and failures are the fault of someone else. On Sunday, I was running on Peachtree Road in Atlanta,

Hillary Whines: Rich Lives Matter

Jim Stinson, Speaking to investment bankers, Clinton says the ‘successful’ suffer bias, says she’s ‘far removed’ from middle class life. Hillary Clinton bemoaned to a group of rich bankers about how hard it can be to be rich in America, with all the “bias” against “successful” people. A number of remarks made by Clinton in paid speeches were made

While HRC knocks Bernie kids as ‘basement dwellers’ — Chelsea lives in $10M apartment

Hillary Clinton, “America’s abuela,” doesn’t have the highest opinion of Bernie Sanders’ millennial, financially challenged supporters. Secretly recorded audio of Clinton speaking at a private, February fundraiser was released late Friday night. In it, Clinton can be heard referring to Sanders’ “lost generation”, as she called them. “Some are new to politics completely. They’re children

Parental Basement Dwellers: Hillary Clinton Criticizes Bernie Sanders Voters

Alex Swoyer, An Audio recording has surfaced, revealing Hillary Clinton speaking critically about young voters supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), saying they’ve bought into a “false promise.” “It’s a false promise,” Clinton says in the recording, referencing Sanders’ political revolution. “But I don’t think you tell idealistic people — particularly young people — that they’ve bought into a

Hillary Clinton Suggests that some young voters are naïve about politics

Hillary Clinton is back on the campaign trail locking arms with former Democratic rival Bernie Sanders to tout debt-free college education. But Clinton has privately distanced herself from such promises and other progressive ideals championed by Sanders, instead describing herself as a “center-left to the center-right” candidate, according to a recently released audiotape.   Clinton,

Yellen says banking system better off, less likely to torpedo U.S. economy

The head of the U.S. Federal Reserve on Wednesday delivered to Congress a positive assessment of the nation’s banking system, saying it’s in a much better position than it was before it triggered the financial crisis nearly a decade ago. In testimony before the House Financial Services Committee, Fed chairwoman Janet Yellen said Wall Street’s