Church Psychopaths As Law Givers

Alan Korwin,  My anti-gun-rights friends — you don’t seem to understand that crimes and atrocities committed by madmen are not valid grounds for infringing on the general public’s right to bear arms — a fundamental freedom. This is why you meet the constant resistance that befuddles and frustrates you. You seem to believe just the… [Read More]

Citizens Just Issued Their Own “Veto” of This Liberal Policy in Unprecedented Move

The notoriously anti-gun New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently learned what the definition of a “citizen veto” is after a vast majority of the law-abiding gun-owning residents of his state purposely failed to comply with a series of anti-constitutional gun laws passed in 2013. In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting in which one mentally-ill… [Read More]

Faith in FIREARMS: Black pastor wants his congregation carrying — especially in church

Some pastors are ditching the “politically correct” narrative on guns in the wake of the church shooting in Charleston, and are actually welcoming firearms into their churches. Bishop Ira Combs, a black clergyman in Jackson, Mich., said that concealed weapons he allows in his church mean would-be attackers won’t be given the opportunity to commit… [Read More]

I’ve Never Said This Before – But It’s Time For You To Start Buying Guns and Ammo

Steven Crowder, Now before you label this as a “crazy” post, I’m not talking about, nor am I predicting, some doomsday scenario. Don’t expect me to be selling you seeds, food preserves, or bomb shelters anytime soon. That is not what I am suggesting here. I’m also not suggesting that you need to buy yourself… [Read More]

Obama blames gun lobby ‘grip’ on Congress for lax U.S. gun laws

President Barack Obama blamed public apathy combined with the tight “grip” on Congress of the National Rifle Association, the powerful U.S. gun lobby, for blocking stricter gun laws. Speaking during an interview recorded on Friday, just two days after the mass shooting at a black church in South Carolina, Obama said he did not foresee… [Read More]

DISGUSTING: Hillary Joins Obama, Uses Deaths of 9 Americans for Sickening Agenda

After nine parishioners of the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C., were gunned down by Dylann Roof, liberal politicians immediately exploited the tragic situation in an effort to restart efforts to push their anti-gun agenda on American citizens. Not long after President barack Obama used his airtime to blame guns for the mass murder rather… [Read More]

USA: First in World in Gun Ownership – Not Even in Top 100 Countries for Murder Rate

Bill Whittle quickly became one of my favorite commentators. In the following monologue, Whittle brilliantly displays something I have pointed out concerning how the socialist and communist gun grabbers in America demonize guns. He exposes their bias to all of the relevant FBI data at their disposal. Whittle rightly points out that America tops the… [Read More]

Man allegedly helped plan Texas cartoon contest shooting, wanted to attack Super Bowl

Authorities said Tuesday that a Phoenix man who helped orchestrate a shootout at last month’s “Draw Muhammad” event in Texas also had aspirations to join ISIS and attack the Super Bowl. Abdul Malik Abdul Kareem, 43, was arrested last week on charges related to the May 3 attack in Garland, Texas that led to the… [Read More]

Why Respect A Cop Who Does NOT Respect You?

Fred Weinberg, I’m sorry, folks. You just cannot treat people like animals headed for slaughter and expect that they will not respond in kind. We keep having incidents where cops keep responding to provocation completely disproportionately and the faux “law and order” Republicans don’t recognize that fact.  “When a cop tells you do something, do… [Read More]

The Supreme Court Misses an Opportunity to Defend the 2nd Amendment

Jacob Sullum, This week, the Supreme Court passed up an opportunity to get the government out of the bedroom. Counterintuitively, the case involved an ordinance adopted by the famously tolerant and progressive city of San Francisco eight years ago. The puzzle is solved when you learn that the ordinance deals with guns, tools for exercising… [Read More]

NRA: Gun blogs, videos, web forums threatened by new Obama regulation

“Gunsmiths, manufacturers, reloaders, and do-it-yourselfers could all find themselves muzzled…” Commonly used and unregulated internet discussions and videos about guns and ammo could be closed down under rules proposed by the State Department, amounting to a “gag order on firearm-related speech,” the National Rifle Association is warning. In updating regulations governing international arms sales, State… [Read More]

Texas gov poised to roll back 140-year-old open carry gun ban

The near-certain signing into law of an open-carry gun measure will send Texas back to the days of the Wild West – at least legislatively. The bill, passed by the state Legislature and expected to earn Gov. Greg Abbott’s signature within the next week, would reverse a 140-year-old ban on carrying handguns in plain sight…. [Read More]