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Angry?…. Clinging to Guns and Religion?

D.W. Wilber  Former Democratic presidential aspirant Howard Dean thinks that the Americans who have been going in droves to see the Clint Eastwood movie American Sniper are “angry”, apparently taking a page from the Barack Obama 2008 campaign when then candidate Obama said that Americans “cling to their religion and guns”. Joined by Hollywood has-been […] Continue reading →

Report: Feds Pressuring More Doctors to Ask Patients About Their Guns

Feds using Medicare reimbursements to force doctors to ask about guns, according to medical professional. The federal government is pressuring more and more medical doctors to ask their patients if they own firearms, according to a healthcare professional.  The feds are using Medicare reimbursements along with the new electronic medical record format standardized by the […] Continue reading →

White Heat? Another Liberal Bashes Caucasian Males

Brian Birdnow,   Last Sunday, in the hallowed pages of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the paper’s chief editorial writer Kevin Horrigan penned a piece entitled “Cheney or McCain?” along with the subtitle “Torture: The Incredible Burden of Being an Old White Guy.” The OP-ED could have been a lighthearted piece about growing older in a changing […] Continue reading →