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All Self Sustained – by Paul Dutton, Survival Life  Every parent asks themselves this question. If you’re lucky enough to be brought up with firearms around, this probably isn’t a big deal for you. However, within the last five years, more Americans are first-time gun owners with little to no experience. This can be a challenging issue for a […] Continue reading →

Any president will do: Information on the secret plots to Assassinate U.S. Leaders

 On Nov. 1, 1950, with the White House undergoing renovations, President Harry Truman was napping upstairs at Blair House, the guest house across the street. At 2:15 p.m., as he slept, “two Puerto Rican nationalists, 37-year-old Oscar Collazo and 24-year-old Griselio Torresola, approached Blair House from opposite directions . . . Collazo was armed with […] Continue reading →

Another Pro-Gun VICTORY: Idaho Passes New Legislation

Idaho has been exerting its sovereignty lately and deciding what is best for their state.  They recently passed a law nullifying all future federal gun control measures, and have sought to nullify all EPA regulations within their state. Now, they have passed a law allowing concealed firearms on college campuses by law-abiding citizens.  A witness […] Continue reading →

Gun Ownership is Exploding Among Women in America

Much to the dismay of the leftist media and anti-gun groups like the Bloomberg-funded Moms Demand Action for Gunsense, gun ownership among women is rising at a fast rate. The media and anti-gun crowd will often use blatantly sexist rhetoric and assumptions to suggest that women shouldn’t own or aren’t capable of handling guns.  But […] Continue reading →

Anti-Gun Liberal Wants to Murder NRA Board Members

Michael Schaus  An anti-gun liberal talk-show host apparently wants to shoot NRA board members. But, before we talk about the precarious possibility of some imbalanced leftist abusing Second Amendment rights (that he fights against) we should get some background information. Georgia has recently passed some legislation (awaiting approval from the Governor) that would expand the […] Continue reading →

Gun ordinances face defiance from law officers

Bruce Parker This article originally appeared on The head of a nationwide sheriffs coalition is calling on Vermont’s law enforcement officers to defy three controversial gun control measures passed by Burlington voters three weeks ago. “Sheriffs have a constitutional duty to refuse to comply with such ordinances,” said Richard Mack, president of the Constitutional Sheriffs and […] Continue reading →

6 Arguments Only A Liberal Could Believe

John Hawkins “Arguing with liberals…it’s like playing chess with a pigeon; no matter how good I am at chess, the pigeon is just going to knock over the pieces, crap on the board and strut around like it’s victorious.” — Anonymous “If you can somehow force a liberal into a point-counterpoint argument, his retorts will […] Continue reading →