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Ted Cruz RIPS APART John Kerry: Is this a Preview of Election 2020?

Senator Ted Cruz, always known as a staunch friend of Israel, issued a blistering statement on Facebook targeting Secretary of State John Kerry after Kerry’s speech on Wednesday. Cruz started by noting that Barack Obama and Kerry are using “their last breath in office” to strike at Israel, adding, “History will record and the world will

NeverTrumpers don’t even understand their own Hail Mary plan

Laura Ingraham,  Typical thinking from the NeverTrumpers. An article appearing on The Resurgent website on Sunday titled, “The Hail Mary of an Election Decided By the House,” daydreams of a scenario in which the House of Representatives, if given the chance, will pick someone whose name most voters don’t know for president. According to the article, for

Trump is doing everything right—including letting Jimmy Fallon mess up his hair

I suppose people have had better months than Donald Trump has had so far in September… maybe that guy who’s won the Florida lottery seven times, or that baseball star who’s engaged to Kate Upton. But Trump’s surge to the lead in several national polls plus a clear softening of his image in the media

Trump’s Mexico gamble pays off #Election2016

Howard Kurtz, Donald Trump’s critics said his hastily arranged visit to Mexico was an act of desperation, a Hail Mary pass, the sign of an erratic campaign. But he got the world’s attention. And the gamble paid off. Trump used his showman’s instincts to create a television moment, setting the stage for his Arizona speech

After Trump’s sweep, does Cruz-Kasich Hail Mary have a prayer?

Donald Trump’s sweep across five eastern states in primary contests Tuesday night raises immediate questions about the newly formed alliance between Ted Cruz and John Kasich and whether it can stop the Republican frontrunner – even as the two underdog candidates vowed to keep fighting on. Trump won victories in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Maryland

Why Cruz’s deal with Kasich could fizzle-and fuels Trump’s anti-party argument

Howard Kurtz, With Donald Trump heading for a five-state sweep today, his two top rivals have cut a deal that carries a whiff of desperation. Just as Trump’s campaign is adjusting to the realities of delegate warfare, Ted Cruz and John Kasich are colluding—and yes, that’s the only honest word—to stop splitting the anti-Trump vote.