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Paying More for Less: Obamacare 5 Years Later

Daniel Horowitz,   On this day five years ago, a bill was signed into law that, if not repealed, will permanently deny most Americans the ability to support their families with dignity and without government dependency.  It was March 23, 2010 when Obamacare was signed into law.  …like so many other Americans, the plan I had, […] Continue reading →

Front-line doctors blame UN for Ebola response

 The medical organization that sounded the first alarm about the deadly outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa last year has once again blasted the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) for refusing to recognize the epidemic’s magnitude,  downplaying its rapid spread, and failing to take the lead in the battle against the disease even […] Continue reading →

Radical Environmentalism’s Death Campaigns

Paul Driessen,   The terms racism, white supremacy, and crimes against humanity are bandied about so often that they have become almost meaningless. But they are absolutely appropriate in an arena where they are too rarely applied: radical environmentalism’s campaigns that perpetuate poverty, disease and death, by denying Earth’s most impoverished and powerless people access to […] Continue reading →

Will Hispanics fire up America?

Michael Barone,   “Firing up America” is the cover line on the March 20 issue of The Economist, heralding a 16-page special report on America’s Latinos. Its tone is resolutely upbeat — perhaps a bit too much so. “America is lucky to have millions of energetic young people filling its schools with kids who will eventually […] Continue reading →

UK Regulation to Label Women With Vagina Piercings Victims of ‘Genital Mutilation’

Health regulators to assert authority over female body. A UK health authority plans to equate women who consented to vagina piercings to victims of “female genital mutilation,” a controversial effort that could turn thousands of professional body piercers into criminals overnight.  Next month, the Department of Health says it will implement new National Health Service […] Continue reading →

No More employer-provided health insurance?

 Could employer-provided health insurance be going the way of employer-sponsored pension plans? Rick Lindquist, president of Zane Benefits, which specializes in individual health insurance reimbursement for small businesses, says: Not only could it happen; it’s happening already. Lindquist and Paul Zane Pilzer (who founded Zane Benefits), argue that case in their new book, “The End […] Continue reading →

Dismantling America: The ‘Change’ We Never Expected

Capt. William E. Simpson,   Americans wanted ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’ during the 2008 election cycle, but never expected that the ‘change’ would involve having Marxist-socialists occupying America at every level from the top down, who are hard at work dismantling the ‘America’ that we all know and love. Led by the most corrupt and least transparent […] Continue reading →

Russia’s Putin laughs off suggestions of ill health

 Russian President Vladimir Putin laughed off suggestions he had been forced to lie low because of poor health, saying on Monday that life would be “boring without gossip”. In a carefully choreographed double-act, Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev also vouched for the Russian leader’s health, saying that Putin “just now drove me around the grounds, he […] Continue reading →

Vladimir Putin’s ‘girlfriend has given birth’

 Speculation over the whereabouts of the Russian president continues as Swiss tabloid claims his girlfriend has given birth. Rumours continued to swirl on Friday over the whereabouts of Vladimir Putin, with one newspaper claiming that the Russian president had fathered a child with his long-term girlfriend. Citing local residents, Switzerland’s Bick tabloid said on Friday […] Continue reading →