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Mike Lee: Tax Reform Is Key For Creating A Principled Populist Agenda

Matt Vespa, The 2016 election is over. Donald J. Trump is now president. Yet, he’s not a conservative Republican.The man is a right-leaning populist. He’s open to government-funded childcare, he wants a health care program that covers everyone, he’s not a free trade advocate, and he’s not afraid of infrastructure spending. Conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt

Trump, The FTC and Unleashing The U.S. Economy

Ken Blackwell, After a stunning win in a change election, President Trump is off to a fast start implementing major change. The President and his administration are moving aggressively to implement pro-growth policies that will boost our economy after years of a sluggish recovery. An essential part of unleashing the economy is putting in place

Cut Corporate Taxes and Corporate Welfare

Chris Edwards, Editor’s Note: This piece was coauthored by Romina Boccia and Tom Schatz. President Donald Trump is prioritizing major tax reforms, including a large corporate tax rate cut. The cut has broad support and promises to spur growth, but it will face political opposition if it widens the already rising budget deficit. As such, President

California voter registration system ‘highly susceptible’ to fraud

Malia Zimmerman, California’s voter registration system is “highly susceptible to being compromised,” because of immigration policies protecting the Golden State’s 2.4 million illegal immigrants, authorities have told Fox News. The integrity of elections may be compromised by a lack of oversight of non-citizens registering and voting, said Hans von Spakovsky, manager of the Election Law

Why Do Democrats Fear Trump’s Probe of “Fake” Voter Fraud?

Deroy Murdock, NEW YORK — Three days into President Donald J. Trump’s action-packed first week in office, he promised “a major investigation into VOTER FRAUD,” as he explained Wednesday morning, via Twitter. This will include “those registered to vote in two states, those who are illegal and even those registered to vote who are dead (and many

A “Trumpian” approach to balancing the budget #MAGA

Newt Gingrich, Author’s note: The following is adapted from my January 16th speech at the Heritage Foundation, which can be viewed in full here. As a candidate, Donald Trump repeatedly stated that balancing the budget would be a goal of his administration. Many so-called experts have dismissed the idea that he can actually achieve this

Why It’s Important to Understand Trump and Trumpism

Newt Gingrich, Over the course of the next month, I will partner with the Heritage Foundation for a series of presentations focused on understanding the dramatic changes brought about by the rise of President-elect Trump and Trumpism, as well as the policy challenges facing the new Administration, Congress, and the nation. The following is an

Pence, Republican lawmakers focus on Obamacare in Capitol talks

President-elect Donald Trump and congressional Republicans have vowed to move quickly to repeal President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law, but dismantling the program could leave tens of millions of Americans without healthcare. Such an outcome could fuel a major backlash against Republicans, who control both houses of the U.S. Congress. The dilemma will be the

Here Are Obama’s 11 Worst Regulations

Aaron Bandler, Over his two terms, President Barack Obama unleashed a copious amount of regulations, his administration adding thousands of pages to Federal Register, which now totals 97,110 pages of regulations, a record number. Here are 11 of Obama’s worst regulations imposed by his administration. 1. The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Power Plan. The Clean Power Plan requires

‘Free’ Community College Is a Reality in Some States

Jane S. Shaw, Several states have begun to provide students with access to tuition-free college, but the new programs have yet to show they help truly needy students in a substantial way or do anything to reduce overall tuition costs.  Several states have begun to provide students with access to tuition-free college, but the new

Liberal Media Bias: Economy healed under Obama, but unhappy voters chose Trump

AP, He was a first-term senator-turned-president, a former law professor with little experience in economics or management. When he entered the White House he had one essential task: piece together the shards of a shattered U.S. economy. It wasn’t smooth and it wasn’t fast. But President Barack Obama will leave behind, by most measures, an

Yes, we will build a wall, put Mexico on a “payment plan” and enforce the law

Michael McCaul,  Donald Trump campaigned on a big promise:  he would secure our border and confront the illegal immigration crisis head-on. A lot of people doubted him. And why not? Politicians have been promising to do this for years, and they have let Americans down every single time. That’s all about to change.  Starting next