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The Powerful Influence of Mothers

Kimberly Fletcher, My daughter, Cassie, recently had a visit from a childhood friend. It had been 17 years since they’d seen each other.  After visiting and sharing stories of their lives, Ashley, my daughter’s friend, commented that Cassie had accomplished so much, earning a master’s degree and starting a successful career and she was “just

5 Ways Millennials Can Pray for America

Caleb Parke, Millennials have the most access in history to the Bible with in-depth studies on it – from podcasts to countless versions – but it’s easy for us to get distracted by so much access to other things. I know I’m guilty of scrolling through Instagram, comparing myself to others, checking Facebook incessantly, and

The Green Guillotine

Patrick Bobko, If you’ve ever wondered what happens when Berkeley-grade environmentalists finally seize control of all the levers of government power, let me introduce you to my town of Hermosa Beach, California. The first thing they do is come for your carbon. They want you to stop burning it. Immediately. Environmental purists believe that burning

As we work to eradicate ISIS, Iraq’s Christians, Yizidis need our help now more than ever

Nina Shea, Three years ago ISIS began attacking Iraq’s Christians and Yizidis in an onslaught of rape, murder and ruin that was properly designated as “genocide” on March 17, 2016 by the State Department.   Now, as their hometowns in Iraq’s northern Nineveh Province become liberated in an ongoing coalition offensive, a few brave Christian

Toxic Radioactive wild boars reportedly stalk Fukushima residents

Hundreds of boars carrying highly radioactive material are reportedly stalking residents hoping the Japanese town of Fukushima six years after the meltdown of the nuclear plant. The New York Times reported that city officials are working to clear out the contaminated boar population in the area. Japan is set to allow residents to return to