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RESISTANCE: Liberals Cry Tears of Joy After Quran Quoted At Oscars

Michael Qazvini, Liberals on social media went ballistic after the Quran, the sacred text of Islam, was quoted during an award acceptance speech at Sunday night’s Oscars. The “woke” moment was celebrated by so-called white “progressives” who failed to see the irony in praising a 7th century Islamic religious text.   Statement read on behalf

The Sky’s the Limit for Skilled Trades

Tom Purcell, The demand for skilled laborers – electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians and others – continues to soar, and that’s a good thing for America. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, skilled-trades jobs have increased by more than 1 million since 2012 – “the most of any profession.” The pay is better than

New WikiLeaks Confirms Hillary DELIBERATELY, Criminally Deleted Emails

Louder With Crowder, This is from a conversation among her staffers… In the excitement of last night’s debate and the recently released Trump tape, you may have missed the latest WikiLeaks dump. Convenient, right? In case you missed it, the latest emails reveal quite a bit: how Hillary really feels about gay marriage, a “hit file” on

‘Make America Mexico Again’: Why Americans are fed up with illegals

There is something a bit unsettling about watching violent, foul-mouthed protesters waving the Mexican flag on American soil. Over the weekend, Hispanic children lined the streets in Fort Wayne, Indiana – hurling filthy insults at Donald Trump supporters.   “F*** you,” the youngsters shouted as they flipped off passerby. “F*** you.” Video captured images of the

Trump campaign to Cruz: GOP establishment is using you

The Trump campaign, reeling from a tough loss in Wisconsin, is moving to discourage anybody considering getting on the Ted Cruz train – by sounding the alarm that the GOP establishment is only using him to get to an open convention. The campaign unleashed the tough new line of attack against his Republican presidential primary

Your Taxes: Obama has pizza and pool night in Denver

 On Tuesday, President Barack Obama’s continuing quest to break free from the constraints of the White House brought him to a crowded pizza restaurant, a pool bar and face-to-face with a man wearing a horse head mask. Shortly after arriving in Denver, Obama headed to the Wazee Supper Club for dinner with local residents who