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Dismantling The Deep State: From JFK to HRC

Lloyd Billingsley, Time to release Hillary’s secret Benghazi emails. As Reuters reports, President Trump, subject to receipt of further information, plans to allow “the opening of long-secret files on the November 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy due for release next week.” This move is long overdue and sets a precedent for further revelations

Top 10 Anti-Trump ‘Hate Crime’ Hoaxes of 2016 #PoliticalTruth

Caleb Parke, Hillary Clinton’s post-election autopsy was ugly. The mainstream media tried to blame her loss on any number of things – but her campaign decided the No. 1 reason she lost was because of “fake news.” (Read to the end to see which one HRC was part of.) In the quest to paint Donald

Trump: The Special Agents Won’t Let Her Get Away With Her Crimes

Cortney O’Brien, No indictment? No problem, Trump said at his rally Sunday night. He knows justice is coming for Hillary Clinton and she will have to answer for her email abuse and mishandling of national security intel when she was secretary of state. The FBI announced it was resurrecting the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private

Brazile’s Ethical Breach: Why won’t CNN disclose its internal investigation?

Howard Kurtz,  When CNN dropped Donna Brazile for leaking a town hall question to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the network said nothing publicly. Only when a second instance emerged from hacked emails obtained by Wikileaks did CNN announce what it called Brazile’s resignation—in a terse statement. When critics urged CNN President Jeff Zucker to launch an

New email shows DNC boss giving Clinton camp debate question in advance

Another leaked email has emerged showing Democratic National Committee boss and former CNN contributor Donna Brazile sharing a debate question in advance with the Hillary Clinton campaign — despite Brazile’s persistent claims to the contrary. CNN announced in a statement soon after the email became public Monday that Brazile had tendered her resignation and the

The 5 Biggest Revelations About Hillary Clinton From WikiLeaks

John Hawkins,   Whether you’re a fan of Julian Assange or not (I most certainly am not), it’s impossible to deny that the WikiLeaks hack has provided Americans with a secret keyhole view into the dingy and sordid backrooms where Hillary Clinton does her business. WikiLeaks has released an enormous amount of information and some

HRC & BHO: An Unholy Pact?

John P. Warren, In the run-up to the 2008 election, Michelle Obama famously said of her husband’s principal opponent, Hillary Clinton: “If you can’t run your own house, you can’t run the White House.” The Obama campaign further took Bill Clinton down a peg by suggesting the self-styled “America’s First Black President” was a racist.

Hillary’s Mental ability is Deteriorating, She shows emotional instability and memory loss

Ezra Dulis, Hillary Clinton’s top campaign officials regularly discuss and assess the Democratic presidential candidate’s mental well-being, according to several conversations seen in Wikileaks’ release of campaign chairman John Podesta’s purported email accounts. Monday’s new batch of emails revealed a new thread, flagged by The American Mirror, showing that Clinton’s state of mind worried Podesta