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Hillary Clinton shatters the glass ceiling as she prepares to slash and burn America

Matthew Vadum,  PHILADELPHIA — Democrats made their second affirmative-action pick in a row yesterday as they formally anointed Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton as their party’s nominee for the highest office in the land. The news comes as Republican standard-bearer Donald Trump continues to rise in the polls and after President Obama publicly acknowledged that Trump

Cleveland Hunger Games. First Two Victims? Trump and Cruz. #AlwaysTrump

Bryan Crabtree, What’s even more tragic than the hysteria of the #nevertrump crowd is how the establishment is using Ted Cruz and his supporters to stop Trump, with no intention of helping him win a single additional vote at the Republican convention in July.   The more I study this race and observe the power players,

Rejected Brat Goes on Killing Spree Because Girls Didn’t Like Him

Adan Salazar, Entitled, narcissistic weirdo rich kid throws murderous tantrum, makes case for pro-gun advocates The son of a Hollywood assistant director went on a shooting rampage last night near the UC Santa Barbara campus slaying 6 people and engaging in a shootout with police which left him dead, according to reports. The shooter, being

Young People Will Reject Liberalism’s Lies

Kurt Schlichter  When the whole shoddy edifice of the progressive project collapses under its own dead weight, it will largely be because the liberals forgot to breed enough mindless minions to keep shoring it up. The left has always depended on a never-ending parade of credulous children to revitalize its dwindling ranks as the march

New Captain America Film Takes On Obama’s Kill List and the New World Order

Victory Post – by Lucas Bowser  We can add Captain America: The Winter Soldier to the list of recent blockbuster films containing themes that are critical of America’s growing police state and war on terror. Other major films like Oblivion, Ender’s Game, The Hunger Games, and Star Trek: Into Darkness have all recently taken shots at these important issues, but none have