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Dictators Actually Get Started With a Cheerleader Media

Daniel Greenfield, Dictators don’t get started by criticizing the media. The majority of Americans have a negative view of the media. Does that make all of us dictators? Instead dictators get started with a media that hysterically showers them with praise, That defends every one of their illegal actions, That calls for them to even

John Kerry and 70 Nations Meet in Paris to Cede Parts of Israel to the Palestinians

Jim Hoft, With less than one week left in his Presidency, President Barack Hussein Obama’s Secretary of State, John Kerry is in Paris this week meeting with 72 nations at a ‘Peace’ Summit.  The purpose of the summit is to further actions led by Obama’s administration at the UN mandating that Israel hand over significant sections of

Former President Barack Hussein Obama is Proud of his Legacy of Failures and Scandals

Oversight Chairman Reissues Fast and Furious Subpoena to Loretta Lynch Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz has reissued a subpoena to Attorney General Loretta Lynch regarding the Obama Justice Department’s deadly Fast and Furious scandal.  The subpoena, originally issued to former Attorney General Eric Holder and ignored, seeks documents and information surrounding the December 2010 murder

Trump said, “I am your voice.” Now he must be

Martha MacCallum,  Bernie Sanders knew we’d all gone to look for America. It was an election so ugly at times, we had to look away as if we’d walked in on something we wished we could ‘un-see.’ But the curmudgeon beloved by the safe-space kids got one thing very right. He realized in these uneasy

The Impeachment of Barack Hussein Obama

Kevin McCullough  When the President was first elected, I pledged to wait from the day of his election–to his then swearing in–to begin critique of his public policy. I promised to do so because in the day of the first “post racial” President I felt it was a necessary discipline to criticize him on policy,

Treason: Obama’s ˜Gitmo Five’ You were already thinking it.

Matt Barber  Treason.  For Richard Nixon, it was a cover-up surrounding illegal wiretapping. For Bill Clinton, it was lying under oath about sex with an intern. Obama thinks he’s untouchable. He believes he’s above the law. Evidently, he’s right. What will it take for our spineless U.S. Congress to impeach this tyrant? This is way

What’s Hawaii Hiding? Loretta Fuddy Autopsy Completely Blacked-Out, Redacted

GOP The Daily Dose – by Rick Wells  The difficulty involved in gaining information pertaining to B. Hussein Obama is not new and it continues. The latest example of the never ending obstructions is the fully redacted autopsy report of Loretta Fuddy, the former director of Hawaii’s Department of Health. Ms Fuddy died mysteriously after

Al Sharpton: Get œSerious, If Government Comes to Disarm You It Has Drones…

Second Amendment Will Not Help You! Maggie’s Notebook  Sharpton also said, “people do not have the right to unregulated rights.” It’s a “regulated” right to board an airplane only after showing I.D., he points out. When it comes to voter I.D. however, it’s an unnecessary regulation because there is no voter fraud, never mind that

Whether or not Barack Hussein Obama can be impeached?

By JB Williams  As the nation searches for the proper peaceful remedy to the crisis known as Obama, good people of good intentions often research a common subject and arrive at a different conclusion. Such has been the case on the topic of whether or not Barack Hussein Obama can be impeached. In a WND

Revealed: What Barack Hussein Obama Really Thinks Of The British

 As one travels around the world, the legacy of the British Empire can be felt far and wide.  There is a reason a majority of the world speaks English, even if it is a second language.  Great Britain ruled on almost every continent and installed their customs and traditions in their conquered lands.  This included

SHOCK CLAIM: Obama Used the IRS to Steal the 2012 Election

 In the early days of the IRS scandal, charges were leveled by conservatives—and some moderates—that the Tea Party was targeted in order to steal the 2012 presidential election. With the two mammoth House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform reports released recently, containing hundreds of emails of Lois Lerner and her cronies plotting the take