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Judicial Watch Sues EPA for Records on Obama Era ‘Environmental Justice’ Grants

Lauretta Brown, The government watchdog group Judicial Watch sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Monday after the agency ignored a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for records regarding the EPA’s “environmental justice” grants. “The lawsuit was filed after the EPA failed to respond to a simple November 25, 2015, FOIA request for: Copies

US reliance on China for critical metals is being ignored

John Moody, The United States has made no progress to decrease its dependence on China for metals and materials that are critical to our national security and defense, according to a narrowly-circulated report from the Department of Defense. The document, dated January 2017 and titled, “Strategic and Critical Materials Operations Report to Congress,” confirms the

4 things you need to know about the rulings against Trump’s latest travel ban

Gregg Jarrett, Federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland ruled against President Trump’s revised travel ban with separate, but similar, orders blocking the main provisions of his executive order which limits travel and immigration to the United States from six predominately Muslim countries.  Here is what you need to know about the rulings from these judges:

Why Was the Mainstream Media AWOL During the Obama Years?

A free and independent press is critical for America to prosper. Our press is pretty free as far as I know — but lacks fairness. As my colleague, Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes, points out, “Newsrooms are the least diverse place in America.” The mainstream media views each new day under President Donald Trump as another

The Media March in Lockstep Toward Irrelevance

Robert Knight, As any reporter can tell you, it’s far more fun to cover zany people and events than those exuding decency and restraint.  The news business, like much of the entertainment media, thrives on mayhem.  In Disney’s animated classic “Fantasia,” the spectacular deviltry of “A Night on Bald Mountain” is followed by a peaceful

The Ignored Lesson and Teachable Moment from the 2016 Election

Lennie Jarratt, Ever since President Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, America has seen protests, riots, cancelled college classes, and teachers wailing and gnashing their teeth over the prospects of how Trump will affect education. This reaction not only shows a fundamental misunderstanding of government’s role in our lives, it also

2017: The Year In Preview

Derek Hunter, Wow, 2016 was something else, wasn’t it? If you had predicted a year ago that not only would Donald Trump be the president-elect, but Hillary Clinton would lose, you would’ve been institutionalized. Beyond politics, and perhaps more amazing than the election, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. One for the books. But

Victor Davis Hanson: Assessing the Obama Legacy — Against his own Mileposts

Victor Davis Hanson,  In his 2016 State of the Union address, President Obama summarized his achievements. That same night, the White House issued a press release touting Obama’s accomplishments. Now that he will be leaving, how well did these initiatives listed in the press release actually work out? “Securing the historic Paris climate agreement.” The