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Trump says to decide on running mate by week’s end

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said on Monday he expects to select a running mate in the “next three to four days” and that he was leaning toward someone with political rather than military credentials, The Washington Post reported. Trump told the Post in an interview that he had five people under consideration, including retired

Gov or VP? Indiana’s Pence has Friday ballot deadline

Indiana Republicans are anticipating that Donald Trump will pick GOP Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate and purportedly have plans in place if Pence drops his re-election bid to become the vice presidential nominee, Indiana Republican sources tell   The Trump campaign has suggested the VP announcement will be made at the national

Indiana poised to hand Donald Trump a decisive victory

In a presidential campaign that every week deals candidates a do-or-die moment, another of them arrives Tuesday as voters head to the polls in Indiana. Voters there have the opportunity to hand Republican front-runner Donald Trump a decisive victory that could all-but-ensure he wins the GOP nomination before the end of voting in June. On

Kasich is running third in both Pennsylvania and Indiana behind Trump and Cruz

Hours after brushing off the red, white and blue confetti from winning his home state’s presidential primary on March 15, Ohio Governor John Kasich stood before a gaggle of reporters in Pennsylvania and said the Republican race was heading to his strength. “I’ve been playing in somebody’s own home court,” Kasich said after a town hall