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Trump, The FTC and Unleashing The U.S. Economy

Ken Blackwell, After a stunning win in a change election, President Trump is off to a fast start implementing major change. The President and his administration are moving aggressively to implement pro-growth policies that will boost our economy after years of a sluggish recovery. An essential part of unleashing the economy is putting in place

Mr. President: Please Remove Google’s Anti-IP Mole From Your Administration

Seton Motley, One of the many aspects of the very anti-free trade “free trade” to which we have for decades been subjected is the massive intellectual property (IP) theft conducted by China and other nations.  China alone steals more than $360 billion worth per annum – and has been doing so for decades.  About which

UN agency head broke rules with sensitive cybersecurity contract award

“The head of a low profile but important United Nations agency based in Geneva bent the organization’s rules and steered an ultrasensitive cybersecurity contract to a company headed by a business acquaintance, according to a heavily redacted UN report obtained by Fox News. The report says that the autocratic Francis Gurry, controversial head of the

Thanks, FBI: We Real Worlders Find Elite World Inordinately Annoying. Again

Seton Motley, How about that FBI no-indictment announcement yesterday? Makes perfect sense to you, I bet. Ok – I don’t bet that. At all. What does make sense to us Real Worlders – is seeing yet another Elite get yet another Get-Out-of-Reality-Free card. It is all growing quite tiresome. We Real Worlders are tired of the Elites’

The 9 Best Quotes Against Intellectual Property

Louis Rouanet | “…He who lights his taper at mine, receives light without darkening me.” – Thomas Jefferson 1)    Michel Chevalier on the cumulative nature of innovation Michel Chevalier (1806-1879) was one of the most brilliant of the French Classical School of Political Economy, rightly called by Dr. Joseph Salerno the “Bastiat’s school”. As