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A Federal Judge Reeled In The Obama White House, Striking Down Regulations On Fracking

Matt Vespa, Well, while Eurosceptics celebrate their victory in the UK’s referendum on leaving the European Union, you probably missed an Obama-appointed federal judge striking down the administration’s regulations on fracking within federal lands. The judge ruled that the Department of the Interior does not have regulatory authority in this matter (via The Hill): A

Corrupt Bureau of Land Management kicked out of the sacred Blackfoot Native American Nation

Natural News – by JD Heyes It’s one of the few victories for the people against an out-of-control federal agency that is growing more lawless and arrogant by the year. As reported by Indian Country Today, the Bureau of Land Management, which falls under the Department of the Interior (as does the Bureau of Indian

Feds consider taking Alaska tribal land into trust

 The Interior Department announced Wednesday it will consider taking Alaska tribal land into trust, a move that could lead to pockets of “Indian country” in the state where tribal governments and courts would have authority to create their own laws and justice systems. The move is opposed by the state, which has said that Indian