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Putin condemns Russian athletes ban at Rio as unfair

Russian President Vladimir Putin has condemned as unfair Friday’s decision by the IAAF to uphold a ban on competition for Russian track and field athletes. Speaking to foreign media at a late evening round-table on Friday, Putin said the IAAF meted out “collective” punishment that has hurt clean athletes. In an unprecedented ruling loaded with geopolitical ramifications, the IAAF

Corruption, doping, instability: Is it the end of the Olympic Games as we know them?

The ideals of the Olympics are noble and worthwhile. In sports, nothing is better than the gathering of a peaceful, friendly competition, where the youth of the world can display the best in athletics that the planet can offer. The corruption of Russia, through its state sponsored sanctioning of doping of their Olympians, threatens the

UN chief denounces attacks on LGBT people

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned attacks and discrimination against homosexuals on Thursday, touching on the gay rights issue in Russia that has overshadowed preparations for the Sochi Olympics. In a speech to the IOC a day before the opening of the games, Ban also reiterated his call for warring parties around the world to lay