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Free Dr. Tom Price!

Andrew Mangione, Congressman Tom Price has been waiting…and waiting…and waiting to be confirmed as Secretary of Health and Human Services. His delay could be on a record setting pace if Senate Democrats have their way. If only these politicians put the same effort into delving into Rep. Price’s legislative history as they have his stock

Obamacare Versus Physician’s Hippocratic Oath

Joanne Moudy  When John R. Ammon, M.D. finished his rigorous training at Harvard and Stanford 36 years ago, he swore to uphold the all important Hippocratic Oath – which proclaims – “Do No Harm.” Looking forward to working as an anesthesiologist, he believed he would never have to compromise that solemn promise. Yet, for Dr.

‘Nuclear Option’ Does Enable Democrats To Ensure One-Party Authoritarian Control of Health Care


Michael F. Cannon,  Last week, I explained that the U.S. Senate’s deployment of the “nuclear option” — lowering the threshold for approval of non-Supreme Court presidential nominees from 60 votes to 51 votes — does not make it easier for President Obama to use ObamaCare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board. I need to add this caveat: