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McMaster Worked at Think Tank Backed by Soros-Funded Group

Aaron Klein, White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster served at a UK-based think tank financed by a controversial, George Soros-funded group identified by the Obama White House as central in helping to sell the Iran nuclear deal to the public and news media. From September 2006 to February 2017, McMaster is listed as a

Remember When Obama Spied on Congressmen Opposed to Iran Deal?

Daniel Greenfield, When the media puts on its befuddled face over Trump’s allegations, remember what Obama was doing little more than a year ago. The National Security Agency’s (NSA) continued surveillance of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israeli leaders may also have swept up private conversations involving members of Congress, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday

Flynn Allegedly Targeted by ‘Obama Loyalists’ Over Knowledge of Iran Deal

Frank Camp, Tuesday, Rep. David Nunes (R-CA), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, demanded answers from the FBI regarding the recording and subsequent leaks of former National Security Advisor (NSA) Michael Flynn’s communications with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. “I expect for the FBI to tell me what is going on, and they better have a good

Details of Iran nuclear deal still secret as US-Tehran relations unravel

President Trump could come under new pressure to lift the curtain on secret elements of the Iran nuclear deal struck by his predecessor, especially as the Islamic Republic continues its war of words with his administration. Only days after the Iran nuclear deal was announced in July of 2015, news began to leak out about

US Plans to Impose New Sanctions on Iran

The Trump administration is expected to announce as early as Friday new sanctions by the U.S. on multiple Iranian entities after a recent ballistic missile test, sources familiar with the matter confirmed to Fox News. The new sanctions however would not violate the Iran nuclear deal signed in 2015, but instead be related to terrorism-related

New Trump CIA Director: Let’s Dump The Iran Deal

Donald Trump’s pick to be the new director of the CIA, Rep. Mike Pompeo, has minced no words about the Iran nuclear deal. Trump has called the deal “the worst deal ever negotiated,” but within days of his election there were rumors that he seemed to be backtracking on tearing the deal up. In October,

The Clinton-Vatican-Tehran Axis

Robert Spencer, The Obama/Hillary plan to sell the Iran deal through…the Catholic Church. Breitbart reported Saturday that among the many revealing and damning emails that WikiLeaks has revealed from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, one has “White House chief of staff Denis McDonough responding favorably to an email forwarded to him by Podesta from a

Poll: Trump Gains, Now Tied with Clinton 44-44

Republican nominee for president Donald J. Trump has caught up with his Democratic rival Hillary R. Clinton, with both garnering 44 percent of the electorate, according to the national Breitbart/Gravis poll conducted Oct. 4 with 1,690 registered voters. “Trump picked up four points from our Sept. 20 poll that had Clinton with 44 percent and

The Jews That Choose Trump

Daniel Greenfield, “Israel is a red state and American Jews are a blue country.” There is grumbling in progressive circles over polls showing that Orthodox Jews will vote for Trump. Among non-Orthodox Jews, Hillary beats Trump by 66 to 23 percent. Among the Orthodox, Trump beats her 66 to 22 percent. In New York, Hillary