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The Deep State War On Trump’s Foreign Policy Agenda

Joseph Klein, The State Department’s own “deep state” is trying to sabotage President Trump’s foreign policy agenda. From the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to Iran, Qatar and climate change, the State Department, under Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, is reported to be in “open war” with the White House. Key high level positions remain vacant as Obama holdovers “continue

CIA Director Pompeo slams NY Times for outing covert officer

Samuel Chamberlain, CIA Director Mike Pompeo blasted the New York Times Thursday for publishing the name of the undercover officer in charge of the agency’s Iran operations. During a question-and-answer session at the Aspen Security Forum, an annual gathering of intelligence and national security officials and experts, Pompeo said the decision to publish the operative’s

Miscellaneous Media Musings

Laura Hollis, 1. Dear Media: Despite your hysterical obsession to drum up a reason to impeach Trump, most voters don’t care about Russia. They don’t care, because they know you don’t really care. If government integrity truly mattered to you, then you’d have been upset about the Obama administration’s lies about Obamacare,its lies about Benghazi,

Rod Rosenstein, man behind Comey’s firing, is highly respected on Capitol Hill

Christopher Wallace, Rod Rosenstein, who recommended to President Trump that he fire FBI Director James Comey, is widely respected by both career civil servants and members of both political parties. The Justice Department’s newly appointed deputy attorney general earned praise from Democrats during confirmation hearings earlier this year before getting overwhelming approval, 94-6, in the

Why Trump chose Saudi Arabia as his first foreign visit

Ali Shihabi, President Trump just announced that Saudi Arabia will be the first foreign country he visits as president, underscoring both the success of Saudi outreach to the new administration, and the determination of this President to recommit to the strategic alliance providing stability in an unstable region. The symbolism of this is exceptionally important,

On Iran, Trump does the right thing and rebukes the State Department ‘swamp’

Fred Fleitz, Earlier this week, I wrote in Fox News Opinion how State Department careerists – part of the so-called Washington, D.C. “Swamp” that President Trump ran against in his campaign — scored a big win by declaring that Iran is in compliance with the disastrous 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, the Joint Comprehensive Plan