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Reckless Iran ramps up dangers at sea, US Navy commander says

Unsafe interactions at sea between the U.S. and Iran are on a troubling upswing, the commander of an American destroyer that recently fired warning shots said on Thursday. Cmdr. Mark Davis, the USS Mahan’s commanding officer, said the number of “unsafe and unprofessional” interactions jumped from 23 in 2015 to 35 last year, although the percentage

Gens. Flynn, Kellogg The truth about what’s happening in Mosul hint: Trump’s right

Michael Flynn, Gen. Keith Kellogg (ret.) Donald Trump has voiced concerns regarding the Mosul offensive that was launched last week, in particular the involvement of Iranian backed Shiite militias. He has rightly stated that the winner in the Mosul offensive will be Iran. He is absolutely correct that the Mosul offensive was poorly and politically