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Hillary Clinton, 49 percent of Women rate her unfavorably

Magdalena Zawisza, Anglia Ruskin University Why do so many women oppose feminism? A psychologist explains. Just when you thought sexism was a thing of the past, revelations about Donald Trump bragging about groping women hit the news. Yet only 13 percent of female Republicans think he should stop campaigning for the presidency. While women generally

Liberals Have Nothing But Contempt for Women

Kurt Schlichter,  Forgive me if I’m confused, but there seems to be a huge disconnect between what our would-be elite overlords are telling us about women and what they actually think. Apparently coherence and consistency are sexist, and probably also racist and homophobic, making the pooh-bahs of the establishment and their media gimps the most

May And Trump: A Replay Of Thatcher And Reagan?

Cal Thomas, Is Britain’s new prime minister, Theresa May, Margaret Thatcher reincarnated? There are similarities. May is certainly as tough as the Iron Lady. As home secretary for longer than any of her predecessors, she has strongly opposed uncontrolled immigration. The Home Office introduced visa restrictions that require non-European Union immigrants living in Britain for