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Trump Nixes Pet Projects of Liberal and Conservative Elites

Michael Barone, It’s been a tough year for political elites, here and around the world, what with the passage of Brexit in June in Britain, the repudiation of Colombia’s Nobel Peace Prize recipient in the October FARC referendum and the defeat of America’s Nobel Peace Prize recipient’s preferred candidate in the November presidential election. Not

Donald Trump Is Motivating Democrats in a Huge Way, Poll Says

The developer and reality star often says he’s bringing people into the process. A new poll shows he’s right—and many of them are Democrats. Republicans worried about Donald Trump’s steady march toward the party’s nomination have taken some solace in the possibility that, despite his toxic comments, the billionaire businessman might still have a narrow path to

By 2024, The Democrats Will Be An Atheist Party

Kurt Schlichter  Democrats are waging war on the faithful and are even comfortable booing God on national TV. Give it three more presidential election cycles and the Democrat Party’s platform will be expressly antireligious. Today, they still pretend not to hate the concept of faith or hold those who have it in contempt. You’ll see