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Experts React to Kasich’s Refusal to Extend Freeze on Ohio’s Alternative Energy Standard

H. Sterling Burnett, Isaac Orr, Jay Lehr, Tim Benson, Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) yesterday vetoed a bill that would have made compliance with the state’s renewable energy standards – the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS) – optional for the next two years.  The following statements from energy policy experts at The Heartland Institute –

Fracking Helps Ignite Clinton’s Midwestern Firewall, Not Tap Water

Isaac Orr, Hydraulic fracturing is often incorrectly blamed for contaminating water with methane and thus allowing people to set their tap water on fire, but one thing fracking did help set ablaze was Hillary Clinton’s so-called “Midwestern Firewall,” particularly in Ohio and Pennsylvania, two states that were supposed to help carry her to victory. Instead,