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Islamic Relief

Aspiring Naval Officer; attends/participates in events run by designated terror groups.

Joe Kaufman, Norwich University’s CAIR Cadet, Sana Hamze. Richard W. Schneider, the President of Norwich University, the nation’s oldest military academy, which is based in Northfield, Vermont, says he has no problem with Sana Hamze attending his institution while wearing her hijab (Islamic head covering). He stated to a reporter, “Change and culture does take

Helping the Needy Through Islamic Terror and Bigotry

Joe Kaufman, CAIR and Islamic Relief hide their violent extremism behind a good cause. The Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has organized the Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) annual ‘Day of Dignity,’ an event advertised as assisting those in poverty, since October 2013. More than helping those in need, though, doing events

CAIR-Florida’s 2016 Banquets of Terror

Joe Kaufman, Persons tied to ‘93 WTC bombing and Palestinian Islamic Jihad highlight CAIR events. CAIR or the Council on American-Islamic Relations began as an extremist organization with ties to terrorism, and over two decades later, the group remains the same, refusing to change. This was evidenced this past month, as the Florida chapter of