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Israel’s War Plan: the Complete Destruction of Iran’s Civilian Infrastructure

On Wednesday, Richard Silverstein, who specializes in reporting on the Israeli national security state, posted a leaked document revealing details on the Israeli plan to strike Iran. Carbon fiber munitions will send Iran back to the 19th century. “In the past few days, I received an Israeli briefing document outlining Israel’s war plans against Iran.

Dempsey: Israel, US differ on seriousness of Iran

  Chairman of US Joint Chiefs of Staff US, Israel “clocks ticking at different paces” on Iran‘s nuclear threat. Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin Dempsey, said on Sunday that Israel and the United States view the Iranian nuclear threat differently.Speaking to reporters on his arrival to Afghanistan, Dempsey said that

Does the Levy Report Doom Israel?

As I wrote last week, the release of a report establishing the legality of Israel’s presence in the West Bank issued by a panel of Israeli experts chaired by former Supreme Court Justice Edmund Levy has been widely condemned. The attacks on Levy’s report have come from both those who support the Palestinians as well