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Homegrown Extremism: Law enforcement has a difficult job tracking would-be militants

The ISSUE: Radical Islamic militancy that has sustained itself for decades overseas has inspired a series of attacks on U.S. soil in the last year and a half. The culprits typically have no ties to foreign terrorist organizations, no explicit directions from overseas and no formal training — unlike the operatives of 9/11. Instead, they’ve

Trump Won: Vows to jail Hillary Clinton if he wins White House #Debate

A defiant Donald Trump on Sunday attacked former President Bill Clinton for his treatment of women and vowed, if he won the White House, to put Hillary Clinton in jail for operating a private email server while U.S. secretary of state. In a contentious town-hall debate, Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, said he would appoint

Supreme Court to tackle religious freedom, election rules in new term

The Supreme Court, while holding back on dealing with some of the country’s most controversial issues amid the vacancy on the bench, is still scheduled to tackle some key cases in its new term that starts Monday. Almost 40 appeals are currently on the docket. About three-dozen more are expected to be added in coming

Spending Cuts and Tax Cuts Should Be an All-of-the-Above Option, Not an Either-Or Choice

I’m in Slovenia where I just finished indoctrinating educating a bunch of students on the importance of Mitchell’s Golden Rule as a means of restraining the burden of government spending.   And I emphasized that the fiscal problem in Europe is the size of government, not the fact that nations are having a hard time

Report: Federal bulletin warns of anarchist violence during RNC

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  Tampa Bay Online Violent anarchist protesters could use improvised explosive devices and attempt to close area bridges during the Republican National Convention, according to a federal bulletin obtained by CNN. The network said the document, prepared by the FBI and Department of Homeland Security, addressed law enforcement concerns about anarchists during the convention. The

The Obama Identity: Rush Slams Media and Dirtbag Obama Over "Brother" In Need

Entertainment Media Ignores Obama’s Brother Seeking Help from Anti-Obama Filmmaker You don’t need to consult the ghost of Walter Cronkite to figure this one out.A story breaks about the president’s half brother needing money to pay for his son’s medical procedure. The brother doesn’t pick up the phone and call the White House for help.

Print 2.0: Answer to the Internet Kill Switch

This is an article from the September issue of the all-new Infowars magazine, free hard copies of which will be available throughout Austin. To get a free digital version of the magazine, sign up to Infowars Insider by clicking here. If you are picking up this publication for the first time and wondering what we

Why We are Poor – It Beggars Belief

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  POOR is by its definition lacking material possession. That is why the US constitution for the well being of the people mandated the use of real wealth (gold and silver) as the only legal currency.  Our ancestors relied on gold and silver wealth in their pockets and they also had great opportunity, they were