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Kicking Money Out of Politics: Trump Boots Koch Brother from Golf Course

Katie McHugh, President-elect Donald Trump told a critical biographer and guest of billionaire David Koch to leave his West Palm Beach golf course on New Year’s Eve, forcing Koch to leave with him. Trump’s gesture was another slight against the pro-amnesty, pro-“free trade” billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, who opposed Trump during the Republican primary season and refused

Alert: Trump Supporters, Expect to See alot more BS Coming from Liberals till the Election

If Hillary Clinton becomes the 45th U.S. president, the 2016 election will be remembered as one in which much of the mainstream media all but admitted aligning itself with the Democratic Party. Having said that, there are ample reasons for Americans — even those who don’t believe the Fourth Estate should take sides the way

Unscripted Trump’s Economic Message in Michigan #Election2016

Thousands of Michigan voters roared with approval as Donald Trump lashed out at an economic system he said was rigged against everyday Americans. They cheered louder when he declared that Hillary Clinton was to blame. “I am going to fight so hard for all of you,” the Republican presidential nominee boomed as he read from

Here’s What Ivana Trump Thinks About Donald Trump’s Campaign

Ivana Trump is speaking out about her ex-husband Donald Trump‘s campaign for the White House in a revealing new interview with the New York Post. Ivana, who was married to the 69-year-old from 1977 to 1992, and shares three of his five children, publicly – and privately – supports the GOP frontrunner, and helps advise

25 Years Ago, Ronald Reagan Wanted THIS Republican To Run For President! #VoteTrump

Rusty, From the political insider  In an interview with the New York Post, Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana revealed that iconic president Ronald Reagan once encouraged Mr. Trump to run for the highest office in the land. Ivana said that Reagan wrote a letter to Trump in the 1980s, urging him to run for office, and the real