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Home flight simulator in MH370 captain’s home plotted Indian Ocean course

A home flight simulator owned by the pilot of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was used to plot a course to the southern Indian Ocean where the aircraft is believed to have gone missing, the Australian agency in charge of the search said on Thursday. But the Joint Agency Coordination Centre (JACC) said the presence

Technical Problems Halt Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 Search

 The search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 hit a fresh snag on Thursday after it was found the underwater drone at the heart of the operation had been damaged, forcing what could be another lengthy delay. The Australian agency coordinating the search effort, now in its third month, said communications equipment on the Bluefin-21

Flight 370 Searchers dismiss possibility wreckage in Bay of Bengal is from MH370

 A private company said it had found what it believes is wreckage of a plane in the Bay of Bengal that should be investigated as potential debris from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, but the possibility was dismissed by search coordinators. The Joint Agency Coordination Centre (JACC) managing the multinational search for the missing plane

MH370 wreckage not in Bay of Bengal, search team says

 MH370: international personnel leave Perth Australia bids farewell to international military personnel as visual search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is called off.  The Australian-led team searching for missing Malaysia Airlines jet MH370 has discounted claims by a private company that it may have found the plane’s wreckage in the Bay of Bengal, thousands

Bluefin 21: Indian Ocean undersea hunt for MH370 set to be extended

 The undersea search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 is to be extended beyond the small area identified as its most likely resting place as the quest for any sign of the missing plane enters its 50th day on Saturday. The submarine drone Bluefin 21 has so far searched about 95 percent of a 10

Flight 370 Families Detain Malaysian Air Staff at Hotel

 Frustrated relatives of passengers on the missing Malaysian Air (MAS) jet held the carrier’s staff in a Beijing hotel ballroom for more than 10 hours as they demanded the Malaysian government give a fuller accounting of Flight 370. Tensions have been rising among the mostly Chinese family members over incomplete or conflicting reports shared by

Flight 370: Plane Hunt Yields No Debris as Search Enters Last Zone

 An international team hunting for the missing Malaysian passenger jet is trawling the last third of a search zone for wreckage after an unmanned submarine failed to find traces of the aircraft. The Bluefin-21, which bounces sound waves off the Indian Ocean floor to create images of the seabed, has scoured two-thirds of the targeted

No Sign of MH370 as Submarine Completes Fourth Dive

 An unmanned submarine hunting for the missing Malaysian Air jet completed its fourth dive yesterday without finding any signs of the aircraft, according to the company operating the device. The Bluefin-21 has covered about 120 square kilometers (46 square miles) of ocean floor in depths down to 4,700 meters (15,400 feet), Jim Gibson, general manager

Search for Malaysia jet refocuses on drone scans of sea floor

 Footage taken by a deep-sea drone should determine sooner than previously thought whether a remote stretch of the Indian Ocean is the final resting place of a missing Malaysian jetliner, Australian search authorities said on Thursday. After the U.S. Navy robot submarine Bluefin-21 completed its first full scan of the seabed some 2,000 km (1,240

Submarine Hunting for Flight 370 Completes First Full Mission

 An unmanned submarine trolling for the missing Malaysian (MAS) jet completed its first full mission after technical issues cut short two earlier sorties. The Bluefin-21 has now searched 90 square kilometers (35 square miles) of ocean floor and data downloaded from its latest trip is being analyzed, Australia’s Joint Agency Coordination Centre said in an

Submarine Hunt for Malaysian Plane Aborted After Six Hours

 A submarine scouring the floor of the Indian Ocean for the missing Malaysian (MAS) jet had to abort its maiden voyage after descending too deep, providing investigators with less than half the data the equipment was meant to capture. The Bluefin-21 vessel was forced back to the surface by a built-in safety feature after dropping