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Trump Inauguration Event Relocates After Venue Caves to Leftists

Dan Lyman | Infowars, Militant SJWs attempt to shut down sold-out ‘DeploraBall’ Organizers of the 2017 DeploraBall in Washington, D.C., were forced to move the sold-out event to a larger venue after the original venue gave in to social justice warriors. Planning for DeploraBall has been underway since Trump swamped Hillary Clinton on November 8th,

MYSTERY: EMS Gurney Taken Backstage Before Hillary Rally In Akron

American Mirror, Clinton slyly popped a throat lozenge in her mouth during an applause line. Why was an emergency medical gurney taken backstage before Hillary Clinton’s rally in Akron, Ohio tonight? That’s what attendees — who noted her lateness — were wondering.   A gurney was just brought back stage at Hillary’s Akron rally. She