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As Trump prepares to take office, Dems are lost in a foggy swamp of denial

John Moody, If there’s one message both Republican and Democratic voters sent to their elected representatives in last year’s primary and general elections, it was this: we are tired of political gridlock. Do something useful! But while most Republican lawmakers are getting ready, with varying degrees of enthusiasm and trepidation, for Donald Trump’s presidency, some

Dem lawmaker wears Hillary pin during House hearing on Clinton email probe

Wearing a candidate’s campaign pin is hardly out of the ordinary this election season. But doing it while conducting congressional oversight at a hearing where that candidate’s conduct is front-and-center — that’s another matter.  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, raised eyebrows Wednesday when she showed up wearing a gold Hillary Clinton campaign pin to a

Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX 18) KeyWiki Progressive / Marxist Profiles

By: Trevor LoudonEditor: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton Take the Fight to the Progressives and the Enemies Within! Election Facts for 2014: • Party – Democrat• State – Texas• Location – Texas 18• First Elected – 1994• Candidates in 2014:Sheila Jackson-Lee – DSean Seibert – RJennifer Whelan – L Sheila Jackson-Lee is a Democratic member of the United

At one time in our nation’s history, blacks feeling sorry for whites was verboten.

OK to Feel Sorry Walter E. Williams,   At one time in our nation’s history, blacks feeling sorry for whites was verboten. That was portrayed in Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, “To Kill a Mockingbird.” This is a novel published in 1960 — and later made into a movie — about Depression-era racial relations in the

Congresswoman Urges Welfare Name Change: “Transitional Living Fund

 Mac  The Texas Congresswoman who once urged a Congressional oversight panel to study how Christian militants and other radicals might bring down the country has some new progressive ideas she’d like House members to begin implementing. In a brief speech on the House floor about safety nets that touches on all manner of government assistance, Rep. Sheila

Dem Congresswoman Suggests “Martial Law


Sheila Jackson Lee uses obscure language to characterize clean resolution Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee used obscure language to characterize the push for a clean resolution which would end the government shutdown, labeling it a form of “martial law.” Advocating for the passage of a clean continuing resolution that would, at least temporarily, end the