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James Carville On The Election: ‘Well, Of Course There Will Be Some Fraud’

Daily Caller, The man known as the Ragin’ Cajun has spoken. Democratic strategist and avid Clinton supporter James Carville weighed in on the final presidential debate from New Orleans Wednesday night between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Appearing on MSNBC, Carville acknowledged to anchor Brian Williams, “Well, of course there will be some fraud.” Huh? Carville gave Clinton’s performance high marks. But he basically

If Trump talks about the economy at Hofstra he’ll win the presidency

Wayne Allyn Root,  James Carville once elected Bill Clinton with the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid.” I have advice for Donald Trump on Monday night. I’m a small businessman. I’m at ground zero. I’m living the real-world results of Obama’s economic policies every day. It’s a disaster out here. The middle class is destroyed, shattered, annihilated.

Physical weakness turns #HillarysHealth into a legitimate campaign concern

Clinton scare shakes up the race. Hillary Clinton’s health – long the obsession of conspiracy theorists — emerged Sunday as a legitimate campaign issue after Clinton nearly swooned and stumbled at a Sept. 11 commemoration, underscoring the sense that that summer’s sure-thing candidate is flagging at a pivotal moment. The scare was captured on cellphone