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Trump’s promises about the Supreme Court are why he’s about to be our next president

Dr. James Dobson, The presidential inauguration is now mere days away, yet the media still can’t grasp the reason why Donald J. Trump, and not Hillary Clinton, will be the one sworn in. We are being told that Trump’s win is attributed to white working class males in the rust belt who were angry about

Donald Trump polling stronger with evangelicals than Mitt Romney four years ago

Donald Trump does not speak often about his Christian faith, but it’s not a problem for many evangelical voters. A new poll released Wednesday by the Pew Research Center shows that 78 percent of white evangelical voters would vote for Trump if the election were held today. That’s higher than the 73 percent of evangelicals

Here’s Why This Democrat Stormed Out Of Prayer Event

B. Christopher Agee  For many Americans, religion and politics are irrevocably intertwined. Both subjects are ripe for contention, which is probably why discussing either in mixed company can be seen as impolite. Some political issues – especially social ones like abortion – have direct ties to the faith-based values of the nation’s Christian majority. Therefore,