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Famous Actor on Obama: œWho Could Support This Loser Anymore?

 The American people are watching city after city in Iraq fall to radical jihadists as they set up a caliphate, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.  This is directly attributable to the fantastical and misguided foreign policy pursued by President Obama, which led to our precipitous pull-out of Iraq before the Iraqis were ready

E-mail From Anyone Opposing Late-Term Abortions Is Sexist


Organizing For Action refers to proposed late-term abortion ban as latest in “anti-women strategy” A pro-Obama “grassroots” organization sent out a mass e-mail from today, which practically accuses anyone who supports a ban on late-term abortions as being sexist. An ultrasound of a baby at 12 weeks and six days. Credit: Wolfgang Moroder via