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An FBI Agent Exposes Life Inside the Clinton White House: National Security (1996)

Gary Aldrich (born May 22, 1945) is a former FBI agent and author from Amsterdam, New York. His wife Nina is also an ex-FBI agent, and they have 3 children. Gary graduated from Miami Dade College. He founded the Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty, whose aim is, “promoting the U.S. Constitution and Bill of

Are Feds Targeting You In New Anti-Government Roundup?

Survival Backback (Daniel Jennings)  The U.S. Justice Department will increase its surveillance of US citizens in a stepped-up effort to combat domestic terrorism, including those who it calls “anti-government.” US Attorney General Eric Holder has reactivated a Clinton Administration taskforce designed to combat, for instance, so-called hate crimes.   “We … must concern ourselves with

Eric Holder’s Race Card

Jonah Goldberg,   Last week, the president’s lap dog blew his dog whistle. In case you didn’t know, in politics a “dog whistle” is coded language that has a superficial meaning for everybody, but also a special resonance for certain constituencies. Using dog whistles lets politicians deny they meant to say anything nasty, bigoted or controversial.

Eric Holder and the Race Card: The issue the media can’t resist

 When Eric Holder became attorney general in 2009, he declared that when it comes to discussing race, we have become “a nation of cowards.” Now there’s plenty of discussion of race, some of it swirling around Holder himself. In recent days, conservative critics have accused Holder of playing the race card to deflect criticism—while his