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Trump Says No Debate After Sanders Says Networks Interested

Republican Donald Trump quashed talk he would debate Bernie Sanders, shortly after the Democratic candidate’s campaign said it was in talks with two networks to host the proposed event. After saying on Thursday that he’d “love to debate Bernie” and that the event would be so popular it would need “a big arena,” Trump on

Bernie backers get violent: Now it’s the Democrats facing a civil war

Howard Kurtz, So maybe the crazy convention won’t be in Cleveland after all, but in Philadelphia. Bernie Sanders is taking plenty of heat from the party and the press over some of his out-of-control supporters. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is openly scolding him. And while Sanders has no hope of keeping the nomination from Hillary Clinton,

What time do polls open, close in West Virginia, Nebraska primaries (05/10/16)?

West Virginia voters go to the polls Tuesday for a presidential primary where the Republican race is down to one candidate and the Democratic contest has two. The results for Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton mean different things.  After winning the Indiana GOP primary a week ago, businessman Trump saw his last two challengers, Texas

Trump Bets on New York to End Campaign Turbulence #Trump45

The front-runners are hoping that home-state victories will help propel them to their parties’ nominations. For the two front-runners in the Republican and Democratic presidential nomination races, there’s no place like home. Polls show Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump with double-digit leads heading into the New York primary on Tuesday, and both candidates are hoping that

In Hillary We Don’t Trust: The Democratic front-runner just can’t hide her lyin’ eyes

Ashley Pratte, It is no secret that Clinton’s poll numbers are terrible when it comes to honesty and trustworthiness. Many voters have a negative opinion of her according to polling from various outlets. The most recent one conducted in March, a Washington Post/ABC News poll, showed 57 percent of people think that Clinton is dishonest

Sanders swings for the fences after caucus sweep, makes play for New York

Bernie Sanders, despite facing persistently long odds to overtake Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary delegate battle, quickly is moving to build on his momentum from a weekend caucus sweep — looking to take the fight to the front-runner in New York, Wisconsin and beyond. The next contest up is the April 5 Wisconsin primary,