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CNN Commentator Worries Trump Too Focused on America #Patriotism

Brendan Kirby, Former Obama adviser Van Jones says new president’s definition of patriotism is Petty. CNN commentator and former Obama administration adviser Van Jones worried Friday that President Trump’s inauguration speech means he will focus too much on America. Jones, who served briefly as “green jobs czar” under former President Barack Obama, expressed a dim

The Intellectual Argument for the Trump Presidency

Suzanne Fields, Everyone’s wondering just what kind of president Donald Trump will make. Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, and Tories and Whigs (there must still be a few of them tucked away somewhere) who are still talking to one another have embraced timid and tentative expectations. This did not include the haters, the Never

An Open Letter from Thomas Jefferson and John Adams to British Elites of 2016

Jeffrey Lord, As it happens, Conservative Review has been granted permission to republish a recent letter that arrived in various British offices from two notable Americans stirred from their heavenly pleasantries by the Brexit results. It is reprinted here in full. Dear Sirs and Madames:< ?xml:namespace prefix ="" "[default]" ns ="" "" /> From

Trump tweaks his brand

Trump stormed the primaries by selling himself as a truth-telling firebrand ready to take a hard line on hot-button issues, even if it offended vast swaths of the population or many within his own party. He embraced the image of a self-funding candidate beholden to no one and promised war against the Republican establishment and