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Anti-Israel Bernie Sanders, Defends Jesse Jackson’s Anti-Semitism, Accuses Trump of It

Daniel Greenfield, While Bernie Sanders is of Jewish ancestry, he lost the Jewish vote because of his rabid hatred for the Jewish state (he at one point falsely accused Israel of killing 10,000 people) and his association with anti-Semites. Even though Jews were disgusted by Jesse Jackson’s anti-Semitic slurs, Bernie Sanders backed his presidential campaign.

Castro a Hero to Useful Idiots, but Not to Those He’d Broken

John Kass, At least the death of the monstrous Cuban dictator Fidel Castro — who murdered his own people and turned his nation into an island prison — accomplished something. It triggered the useful idiots of the political left who praised their late hero. And it caused me to remember someone I’d forgotten, back from

Relax Liberals: The Third Reich Isn’t on the Way

Debra J. Saunders, Editor’s Note: Debra Saunders is off today. The following column is by Bernard Goldberg. Perhaps you’ve noticed that some of the most illiberal people in America these days … are liberals. Liberals are the ones who pride themselves on being open-minded. But who are the ones on college campuses stifling speech they don’t

The Man is Dead and Gone

Paul Jacob, A commentator on MSNBC referred to him as “a polarizing figure.” Indeed. At one pole we find folks blinded by their love for socialism, and at the other, those of us believing in fundamental human rights. Fidel Castro, the dictator of Cuba for more than half a century, is dead. The New York

Our men and women in blue now stand in a deadly political hailstorm

Ron Hosko,  If you want to see the face of violence, rage, and hopelessness in America today, take a good look inside our failing inner cities and the desperate people who are struggling to survive. Start with Chicago.  Sixty-five people were shot in Chicago over the Labor Day weekend, thirteen of those shootings ended with fatalities including a

What Responsibility Do Black Americans Have to Prevent Police Shootings?

John Hawkins, The job of the police is to deal with the dangerous, deranged people that the rest of us would rather avoid. Because of that, a number of police officers are going to kill people who pull out guns, attack them, act in a bizarre and dangerous way that makes them think they have

The Dallas Police Weren’t Killed by Guns

D.W. Wilber, It was poison. Venom emanating from the White House, the campaign of Hillary Clinton, the Congressional Black Caucus and other irresponsible members of the Democrat Party, race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and America’s so-called mainstream news media. They are responsible for the spate of deaths of police officers all across

Jesse Jackson Blames TRUMP For ╦ťBlack Lives Matter’ Attack On Cops

‘It’s a kind of anti-black mood’. Human rights activist Jessie Jackson has pointed the finger at US presidential hopeful Donald Trump and his followers for helping to creating a rising climate of fear in America which has contributed to the shocking deaths of five police officers in downtown Dallas. Rev Jackson said there was an

America’s Real Racists

John Perazzo, David Horowitz’s “Progressive Racism” exposes them — and names them. Below is John Perazzo’s review of David Horowitz’s new book, “Progressive Racism,” which is volume 6 of The Black Book of the American Left, a multi-volume collection of David Horowitz’s conservative writings that will, when completed, be the most ambitious effort ever undertaken to define the

The Stupid Party Keeps Getting Stupider

The Republican braintrust knows only how to appease the left. In the last month or so both of the presumptive presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have said stupid and even offensive things. Trump as we all know, because we’ve heard it repeated by the media one thousand times, questioned the impartiality of a

History Suggests Ted Cruz’s Early Running Mate Gambit Won’t Work

A series of losing candidates have tried similar tactics. Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s unusual move Wednesday to announce a running mate, Carly Fiorina, without securing the party nomination is not unprecedented in American political history—but it is rare, and similar attempts in the past have been largely unsuccessful. Previous presidential candidates who have announced