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VIDEO: Adult protesters shout down student defending ╦ťJesus Lunches’

Steve Gunn,  MIDDLETON, Wis. – The parents and students who gather on Tuesdays in a public park for “Jesus Lunches” have become targets of weekly harassment. Last week, officials from the Middleton-Cross Plains school district, led by Superintendent Donald Johnson, blocked off the parking lot at Fireman’s Park, where the parents and students meet, and tried

School superintendent, principal confront moms over ‘Jesus Lunch’

Todd Starnes, School administrators in Middleton, Wisconsin have intensified their threats and intimidation of a group of mothers who host a weekly “Jesus Lunch” for students at a park adjacent to Middleton High School. New video shows school officials physically confronting one of the moms in the park — as one woman’s stunned husband observes

High school wants to shut down off-campus ‘Jesus Lunch’

Todd Starnes, There’s a religious liberty standoff underway in Middleton, Wisconsin. On one side is a group of Christian moms armed with Chick-fil-A sandwiches and 400 homemade brownies. On the other side are public school administrators who believe that Jesus and plump juicy chicken breasts are “divisive.” The controversy surrounds an off-campus lunch event involving