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Fake University Harvard Uses Fake Professor’s List to Smear Real News Sites

Robert Spencer, FrontPage, Jihad Watch, Truth Revolt all make the list. Harvard University has picked up on a Merrimack College professor’s list of “fake news” sites, including the Daily Caller, the Drudge Report, Breitbart News, the Washington Examiner, the Washington Free Beacon, Independent Journal Review (IJR), and even Bill Kristol’s relentlessly Never-Trump The Weekly Standard.

Parents of People Killed by Muslim Hit Trump for Calling Murders Terrorism

Robert Spencer, Sure, he was screaming “Allahu akbar,” but who doesn’t? The Trump administration recently released a list of terror attacks it said were unreported or underreported by the establishment media, and the parents of two of the victims of one of the listed attacks were enraged. Last August a Muslim named Smail Ayad, screaming

US Muslims’ ‘Mental Health Issues’ Cause Them to Fake Hate Crimes

Robert Spencer, Even fake hate crimes are caused by “Islamophobia.” Here’s a new twist: the establishment propaganda media’s narrative that Muslims are always victims is breaking down with the continuing revelations that Muslims have faked “anti-Muslim hate crimes,” and so now ABC News has doubled down: Muslims are victims, you see, because they fake anti-Muslim

Google Accused of Manipulating Search Results for ‘Jihad’

Charlie Nash, Free Speech Defense and Jihad Watch have accused Google of skewing their search results to promote a post from the Islamic Supreme Council defending Jihad as a “misunderstood concept” when searching for “jihad.” In their claims, they detail that when searching for the word “Jihad,” the Islamic Supreme Council’s article appears directly below the Wikipedia

Christopher Dickey and ‘Anti-Muslim Hysteria’

 Hugh Fitzgerald, Reprinted from Jihad Watch. The tsunami of anti-Muslim hatred that still has yet to roll in. After the latest attacks in Brussels, Christopher Dickey, a senior American journalist based in Paris, was alarmed. What alarmed him was not the homicidal hatred of Muslim terrorists or the Islamic State’s demonstrated ability to wreak havoc in