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Trump and the Media: Demolition Derby #LiberalBias

Cal Thomas, The traditional media have decided not to take President Trump’s insults lying down. After what may be the strongest — and to his supporters — most thrilling takedown of journalists by any president, Editor and Publisher magazine featured this headline: “Newspapers Aim to Ride ‘Trump Bump’ to Reach Readers, Advertisers.” They may hate

CNN: Antagonism Toward Trump ‘Boosting Morale’ of Network Employees

Warner Todd Huston, CNN is viewing its antagonism toward President Donald J. Trump as a “badge of honor” — and according to CNN president Jeff Zucker the network’s daily aggression aimed at Trump is “boosting” employee morale. President Trump renewed his assault on the veracity of the “fake media” by jousting with CNN White House correspondent

Trump is Accosted By Acosta At Media Showdown

Jeff Crouere, For eight years, the elite members of our national news media treated Barack Obama as a conquering hero, a political superstar who overcame racism and intolerance to become our first African-American president. The clear majority of our media heavyweights idolize the president and agree with his liberal policies. Instead of tough questions, they

‘Rude, inappropriate’ CNN reporter owes Trump an apology

Incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Wednesday that CNN reporter Jim Acosta should apologize to President-elect Trump after Spicer said Acosta was “rude, inappropriate and disrespectful” during Trump’s press conference earlier Wednesday. “I think Mr. Acosta owes the president-elect and frankly the entire press corps an apology for his childish and inappropriate behavior,”