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Media’s ‘chaos’ coverage of refugee ban may obscure the terror debate

Howard Kurtz, If there is one word that sums up the media’s coverage of President Trump’s temporary ban on refugees and visas, it would be chaos. The impression of chaos was fueled by long lines and protests at airports, and deepened by reports about top administration officials who didn’t know about the final order. But

Pelosi: I Hate to Say This, But Dems Are the Ones Actually Doing ‘The Lord’s Work’

Cortney O’Brien, Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi had an interesting take on her party’s inability to connect with religious Americans during an interview with “Morning Joe” on Friday. Joe Scarborough wondered why Democrats were not connecting with working class voters and people of faith. These demographics, the host noted, often feels belittled by them. Pelosi regretted the

Trump’s victory was history rhyming with itself again

Joe Scarborough, Americans view the election of a president the same way the world once looked upon the coronation of a British monarch. The king or queen who carried the crown was believed to embody the character of the empire he or she ruled. Just as the Victorian Age represented British supremacy and personal refinement, most

Scarborough: ‘Hillary Clinton Cost Hillary Clinton the Election,’ Not Fake News

Zero Hedge, “It wasn’t fake news. It was something much, much bigger.” Joe Scarborough dropped an epic dose of truth on Hillary and her disaffected, snowflake supporters this morning after Clinton herself took to the stage yesterday to blame “fake news” for her stunning loss.  Apparently not a buyer of the “fake news” excuse, Scarborough

Alexander Hamilton’s warning to 2016 voters

Washington Post – by Joe Scarborough One may have to go all the way back to the founding of the United States to find a time when the established economic and political order was as threatened politically as Wall Street financiers, party leaders and Washington insiders find themselves today. In the years following the Declaration of

Trump’s sweep is another humiliating defeat for media and political elites

Joe Scarborough, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump told the media he considers himself the party’s “presumptive nominee,” following five primary victories Tuesday. (Reuters) Donald Trump’s sweeping victories Tuesday night move the Manhattan billionaire a step closer to winning the Republican nomination for president and to pulling off the most improbable political feat in modern American history. But

Can Trump tone it down without losing what got him this far?

Howard Kurtz, After Donald Trump knocked Marco Rubio out of the race in Florida, he used what should have been a triumphant news conference to take a few whacks at the press. There was the unnamed cable pundit who he said didn’t understand delegate math, and then the shot at the “disgusting” reporters in the

In Other News: Joe Biden (Still) Doesn’t Get it…

Michael Schaus Here are some other highlights and headlines that I noticed over at Ransom Notes Radio: Well… Shinseki fell on his sword over the VA Scandal. (Not literally… He would have had to wait too long to get treated.) So, Shinseki stepped down, Obama accepted his resignation, and Joe Biden is still asking why