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Trade, delegates emerge as potential flashpoints as GOP preps for convention

Republicans launched into a debate Monday over the principles and rules that will guide next week’s national convention and beyond — a harbinger of whether the Cleveland event will go smoothly or devolve into party infighting.  The groundwork for the convention is being laid in meetings of the Platform Committee that kicked off Monday in

╦ťHighly offensive:’ GOPe lawmakers distance selves from Trump #AmericaFirst

Dismayed Republicans scrambled for cover Tuesday from Donald Trump’s inflammatory response to the Orlando massacre, while President Barack Obama and Democrat Hillary Clinton delivered fiery denunciations that underscored the potential peril for the GOP. Republican hopes are fading for a new, “more presidential” Trump as the party’s divisions around him grow ever more acute. Clinton,

Senator John Barrasso: The climate change boondoggle hits a wall

Representatives from more than 130 countries will gather at the United Nations in New York on Friday to sign the climate change pact written in Paris last December. They should be aware that the money the Obama administration has promised for these efforts just hit a major legal roadblock. This week, 28 U.S. senators wrote