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How Conservatives See America

John Hawkins, Have you ever seen an incredible talent who is destroying himself? An Elvis Presley, a Jimi Hendrix, a John Belushi?  A Marilyn Monroe, a Prince, an Amy Winehouse? What do you think when you look at someone who’s rich, famous, gifted and has the world at his fingertips after he just throws it

America’s drug crisis: When will we wake up to the tragedy of the opiate epidemic?

Nicholas Kardaras, M.D., It’s an old story but a very sad one. A celebrity is rumored to have died of a drug overdose and the world mourns. And, of course, media outlets and the public in general become aware—ever so briefly—that we, as a country, are in the midst of a drug crisis—more specifically an

John Kasich: The Candidate Who Wouldn’t Leave

Jonah Goldberg, There was an old “Saturday Night Live” fake movie trailer narrated by horror movie veteran Christopher Lee. John Belushi played a houseguest who couldn’t take a hint from a couple that just wanted to go to bed. The husband tells Belushi, “Look, I don’t want to be rude, but my wife is VERY