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An Opportunity For Congressman Issa, House Oversight Committee

 As has been widely reported, my friend John Eastman stated yesterday that his Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence has successfully represented the National Organization for Marriage in its lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service for the illegal disclosure of the organization’s donor list.  That list was disclosed to an individual in Boston by the name of

Election Lawfare and the 2014 Senate Races

Hugh Hewitt  With a wave of the pen —actually, 90 pages of waving— U.S. Federal District Judge Lynn Adelman in Milwaukee struck down Wisconsin’s three year old voter identification law on Tuesday. As The Atlantic’s Andrew Cohen noted yesterday “[i]t is far from certain that the ruling will withstand review by the very conservative 7th

Ft. Hood: Five Rules for Covering Breaking News

Hugh Hewitt  News of yesterday’s murders and rampage at Ft. Hood began to surface just as my national radio show was beginning. The first segment of the program was with Senator Marco Rubio —itself a newsmaker— was wrapping up as first reports of an “active shooter at Ft. Hood” appeared on Twitter. The second segment,