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Clinton’s Running Mate Will Reveal a Lot About Her

Steve Chapman, A crucial question about anyone who runs for president is: When the stakes are high, will the interests of the country come first? Or will political considerations dominate? On matters of foreign policy, the Supreme Court or the economy, though, we can only guess and hope. But one major decision can’t wait until

Clinton Controversies Drag On as Next Phase of Campaign Begins

Questions on Clinton foundation, e-mails, Benghazi committee to linger through summer. Hillary Clinton is facing a convergence of controversies and questions, old and new, that are likely to drag through the Democratic nominating convention into the general election and offer Republicans a ready-made framework for attacks. A Wall Street Journal report this week is bringing

The tabloid campaign: The Enquirer, Cruz, Trump and the media’s dilemma

Howard Kurtz, When the National Enquirer first published a 2007 story on John Edwards’ “shocking mistress scandal,” the mainstream media ignored it, in part because the story was weak and the woman wasn’t named. The same thing happened months later when the tabloid said that Edwards had fathered a love child. The media could still

Marriage and the ‘Wrong Side of History’ ?

Jeff Jacoby,  Thousands of Americans will rally in Washington, D.C., at a March for Marriage on Thursday in support of “the simple and beautiful message,” to quote Brian Brown, that “marriage between one man and one woman is unique and critical for our society.” Brown is president of the National Organization for Marriage, the event’s